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What's the episode about?

Have you ever been excited for something to happen and had someone tell you their tale of woe? Perhaps they warned you away from an experience because of their own bad experience - even though there was no guarantee that you would have that same bad experience.

In Guy de Maupassant’s short story "In The Spring," we feel the joy of spring through the eyes of the narrator. And, with spring, there is love in the air. The narrator ends up on a boat ride down the Seine river eying a young woman whom he finds decidedly pretty. Just as he is about to make a move, he’s tapped on the shoulder by a stranger who offers an unsolicited cautionary tale.

The narrator doesn’t believe love will end badly for him, but when the stranger holds him back from following a young woman off the boat he hesitates. And ultimately, in the face of ridicule he is held back from experiencing both the pain and joy of love.

The 7-Sentence Story

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The Writing Life: Guy de Maupassant

Maupassant was a prolific French writer who is considered the father of the modern short story. He wrote 300 short stories, six novels, three travel books, and one volume of verse.

"Words dazzle and deceive because they are mimed by the face. But black words on a white page are the soul laid bare."

~ Guy de Maupassant

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