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What's the episode about?

Today, I'm reading "The Last Leaf" a short story by O. Henry. Johnsy gets sick and loses her will to live. What will happen when the last leaf falls?

The 7-Sentence Story

Join me on the "Write for Results" private Facebook group as we create a 7-sentence version of the story this week.

Retelling familiar stories is a great way to learn story structure and experiment with various writing techniques.

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The Writing Life: O. Henry

O. Henry was the pen name of William Sidney Porter. He started writing stories using his pen name when he ended up in jail for embezzling funds. During his 47 years he wrote over 600 short stories about life in America and is known for his wit, wordplay, and clever endings.

“There are stories in everything.

I've got some of my best yarns from park benches, lampposts, and newspaper stands.”

~ O. Henry

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