Dr. Paul Kim

Dr paul kim headshot

Dr. Paul Kim is the Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. He served as an advisory committee member for National Science Foundation (2012-2015), member of the Grand Challenges for International Development Committee at National Academy of Sciences (2011-2013), a member of the board at WestEd (2010-2013), a member of the board at Stratford Schools (2015- Present), a member of the advisrory committee at Edify.org (2016-Present), and an advisory member to Exceed Capital (2018-present).

He has taught graduate-level courses and MOOCs related to educational entrepreneurship, technology design, and international. His government-backed international development projects include the design of a new science and technology university for the Sultan of Oman, the strategy design for the national online learning initiative of Saudi Arabia, and the national education technology assessment initiative for Uruguay.He founded Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit global education organization and developed SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment), a program recognized as one of the most innovating education models by the United Nations in 2016.

Dr. Kim joined Summit Writing Academy as Chief Strategy and Educational Advisor in January 2020.