Summit Writing Academy helps intermediate writing students become confident writers.

Summit Writing is...

Woman tutoring a girl… a tutor that’s ready when you are.

Two tween girls different ages… a multi-level writing curriculum that adapts to your skill level.

Asian girl working at a computer ...the perfect way to improve written communication skills by developing a writing habit.

"We have had our kids in Summit Writing Academy and really appreciate the approach taken."

 - Kendra, Parent of Summit Writing Academy students (Canada)

Who should enroll in Summit Writing Academy?

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Families that need their kids to be accountable to someone else for their writing.

Families that need their kids to work independently.

Families whose kids need extra help with their writing.

Families who want to keep their kids sharp during the summer.

Students of any age whose first language is not English.

Students who have a minimum of B1 English skills.

Students who want the advantage of being able to communicate well through the written word.

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Here’s What’s Inside Summit Writing Academy

male and female studentFor Students:

Video Resource Library

Students can find past writer’s workshop videos and helpful topic-specific videos in the Video Resource library. Students can access these at any time.

Assignment Playlist

Students get Playlists that are generated just for them, based on the writing skills they need to practice. Playlists are part of a Collection. Each Collection includes four Playlists. Students practice two types of writing in each Collection.

Chocolate Words

Chocolate Words are words that are delicious and enrich a student’s writing. They can be found in any book students are reading. They can also be heard in conversations or discovered when out and about doing real-life things. Chocolate Words are part of the Playlist each week.

Reading Challenges

Each Collection has a reading challenge that includes suggested titles for both of the writing types in that Collection.

Writing Help

Students can get help from a writing instructor without having to show up at a certain time. Because students and instructors live in different time zones, this asynchronous form of writing help works well.

Polished Writing

During each Collection, students have the opportunity to polish a piece of writing of their choice. They apply the instructor’s feedback they received from their revised version as well as work through copyediting and proofreading checklists before submitting a polished draft for the second round of instructor feedback.

Saturday Stories Podcast

The Saturday Stories podcast features Summit student writing and is hosted by Mrs. G.

Anthology of Student Works

Twice a year (May and December), current Summit students are invited to select polished writing to include in the Anthology of Student Works. Each contributor receives a softcover paper copy of the anthology in their mailbox.


When a student completes four entire Playlists in Collection it is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Students receive a printable certificate for every Collection they complete.

parent/teacherFor Parents/Teachers:


Easy Access to Student Writing from your Dashboard

Writing 17,591 words in 9 months makes a difference.

One Summit student routinely completed the assignment Playlists and, by their own choice,

wrote 22 free writing pieces of various lengths.

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