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"We have had our kids in Summit Writing Academy and really appreciate the approach taken."

- Kendra, Parent of Summit Writing Academy students (Canada)

Who should enroll in Summit Writing Academy?

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Families that need their kids to be accountable to someone else for their writing.

Families that need their kids to work independently.

Families whose kids need extra help with their writing.

Families who want to keep their kids sharp during the summer.

Students of any age whose first language is not English.

Students who have a minimum of B1 English skills.

Students who want the advantage of being able to communicate well through the written word.

Start by taking the Writing Intelligence Quiz.

Summit Writing Academy uses key writing intelligence indicators to calculate a placement score. The primary purpose of the score is to assist you in creating an appropriate course of action so you can reach your writing goals.

A score is a tool only and, as such, should always be used within the context of your abilities. The Writing Intelligence Score should not be and is not intended to be the sole basis for determining your writing level. It is an indicator of your current writing skill level and can be increased with deliberate practice. 

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Writing 17,591 words in 9 months makes a difference.

Julia routinely completed the assignment Playlists and, by her own choice,

wrote 22 free writing pieces of various lengths.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Take the Writing Intelligence Quiz - this will help us get you started on the right path!

2. Complete the FREE 14-Day Trial. You'll get real feedback!

3. Sign up for your monthly paid membership. Keep going until you're satisfied with your writing skills.