How Summit Writing Academy Works


Setting Goals for the week:

Each playlist begins with students setting their goals for the week.

Students ask themselves:

Learning New Concepts:

Summit Writing Academy operates on a mastery-based system. That means that as they gain mastery over concepts, new ones are introduced to keep things exciting and interesting. With each playlist customized to the student, this means new concepts are introduced at a pace set by the student.

Think It!

The brainstorming process is the basis of all writing. With the Think It! Process, students are guided through the process of brainstorming. This allows students to get their ideas on the path from ideas to polished writing.

Write It!

After outlining their writing, students can start writing super easily. No clicking back and forth between outline and writing with Split View. Split View allows students to have their outline and writing side by side on the same page.

Revise and Finalize:

To ensure their work meets the requirements of the assignment, before submitting their work Students can check their work against the easy to follow checklist. No more wondering what else needs to be added to their work before submitting.


When students submit their work, they can be confident that they will recieve valuable feedback from their instructor to guide them to the next step in their writing journey.

Free Writing:

Sometimes students just want to write. Summit Writing Academy understands that. That’s why we have the Free Writing feature. It provides students with a prompt and a place to write. This writing can even be shared on the forum to receive peer feedback!

Chocolate Words:

Much the same way as a nice piece of chocolate can make your day better, Chocolate Words can make your writing better. Chocolate Words are rich words found in everyday writing. Students gather these words to use in their writing and to share with other students.

Student Dashboard:

The dashboard is the one-stop-shop for students. From the dashboard students can go directly to their playlist for the week, see recent feedback, see how many words they’ve written, and view all their writing.

Parent Dashboard:

The parent dashboard is the place where parents can keep track of just where their student is in the playlist and collection. They can view the student’s work and even download it to show facilitators or even just to hang on the fridge.

Video Library

To complement our learning material, we’ve compiled a library of Summit Writing Academy Videos that cover topics from both the Writer’s Quest and Story Quest streams, as well as tips from our instructors on topics like How to Write an Introductory Paragraph. Members get access to all videos in this library to help them in their writing journey.