Summit Writing is the best way to
improve your writing skills.

Stick with Summit and see a dramatic improvement in your
writing skills in as little as 90 days.
*No Credit Card Required.


Never worry about what to write. No more staring at a blank page. Learn how to generate ideas for any writing prompt.


Not just about learning new strategies, but putting them into practice so they happen automatically.


Successfully move to intrinsic knowledge. Apply what you learn at Summit Writing to other writing opportunities in your life.


Integration happens when you use your newfound writing skills without even thinking.

Pre-writing system that eliminates the “blank page syndrome.”

Our proven system for generating ideas for any writing situation will build your confidence.

  • Try out new techniques.
  • Ask better questions with guided brainstorming.
  • Scaffolded outlines guide you with prompts.

Bite-sized steps guide you through the writing process.

Small consistent wins lead to big results. You’ll have the satisfaction of completing a step each time you sit down to write.

  • Avoid the overwhelm - focus on a few specific skills during each assignment.
  • Complete a step in a 20-30 minute learning session.
  • Practice the specific writing skills that will dramatically improve your writing.
"Our kids used Summit Writing, and I noticed them using the outline styles they learned for their for writing assignments in other subjects. They’ve become stronger writers overall and it shows in their schoolwork."

Joy - Parent of three (!) Summit Writing students

Feedback during the writing process keeps you on the right track.

Just-in-time feedback you receive from a Summit Writing coach allows you to rapidly build your writing skills.

  • Receive encouraging feedback from a friendly writing coach.
  • Take out the guesswork - feedback is specific and actionable.
  • Move forward with confidence by applying feedback.

Guided Self-Paced Program.

Summit works with your schedule. We’re ready when you are.

  • Step-by-step system.
  • Starts at your current skill level.
  • Increases in difficulty as you progress.
"Summit has inspired my child to write for fun, outside of their regular assignments. Starting with a blank page doesn’t slow them down anymore - I’ve seen them rapidly generate ideas and then get them on the page!"

Nathanael - parent of a Summit Student

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