Using your pre-writing to write your first draft 

After finishing the pre-writing, organizing and writing your first draft is simple.  And keeping things simple is what we do best at 

Here's how to get from rough ideas to a readable first draft without panicking. 

Choose the section you feel most excited about - probably one in the middle.

You'll notice some suggested content in the writing area.  Use the information you collected in the pre-writing to write the content for the section.

If you choose to use the suggested content, replace the content in the square brackets with your own relevant content.  

Alternately, you can use the suggested content as a way to get started and delete it when you've got your own words on the page. 

Whether you choose to use some or all of the text suggestions, the important thing is that you use the information from the pre-writing to create the content for that section. This will allow you to create cohesive content even if you write it out of order. 

Complete one section at a time - this is not the time to multi-task

Focusing on one section at a time - allows your brain to focus on one thing. It's amazing how fast you'll be able to get your draft written this way - even if you write it out of order.   

Complete the Draft BEFORE Moving to Revision
A quick note: 
Complete all the sections of your draft before revising your composition. Once you've started the revision process, you won't be able to change your draft. 
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