It's easy to make up reasons for your opinion. Supporting them is another story.
The only way to get your opinion noticed is to support it with strong reasons and examples. 
Your opinion matters

Without strong relevant examples supporting your opinion - it's worthless.

But, what you have to say is important. Taking the time to find relatable examples will help your reader see your point of view - even if they aren't convinced it's the right one.

Follow these three steps to find the best supporting examples for your opinion.

Step 1: Brainstorm a list of reasons.

After deciding on your opinion, set your timer for 15 minutes - brainstorm all the reasons why you think your opinion is the right one. 

Using a timer creates a sense of urgency that will help keep you moving forward. 

Don't edit your reasons. Get them all on the list - even if you think they are silly. 

Step 2 - Brainstorm examples

Now that you know why you have the opinion you do, it's time to brainstorm examples that support your reasons. Again, set your timer to help you move forward quickly. 

Beside each reason, jot down a possible example that demonstrates how that reason supports your opinion.

You may not be able to think of an example for each reason. That's okay. Keep going. 

In the next step, you'll sort out the best reasons and examples to use in your essay. 

 Step 3: Choose the most relevant reasons with the strongest examples.

Now, it's survival of the fittest. Look at your list and cross off any reason without an example. 

Of the remaining reasons, look at the corresponding examples and cross off any reasons with weak examples. 

Hopefully, you'll be left with a few options. Select several (how many depends on the length of your essay) and build the case for your opinion. 

Those are the three easy steps for finding the strongest supporting examples for your opinion essay.  Give them a try on your next opinion piece and see how persuasive well-supported reasons can be. 
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