Weeding Your Schedule

August 05, 2020

"We must weed our own minds as we would weed our gardens — 

of overgrown fears, strangling emotions, noxious thoughts, leeching habits, and poisonous beliefs."

~Terri Guillemets

I've always enjoyed beautiful flower gardens and have happy memories of gardening with an elderly aunt. She had almost 100 varieties of roses, and flowers that would bloom from spring to fall. We could enjoy the blooms because we spent time weeding.

This year I've let one of my flower beds 'naturalize.' All that means is that the grass has overtaken it and choked out some of the perennial flowers. I chose to spend my time on other things and forfeited a beautiful flower garden.

Over the past few weeks, I've been weeding my schedule. Unimportant activities had crept in. Important activities were getting choked out.

I had to pull the weeds - get rid of the things we were doing that we didn't love and prune the good activities so we are left with only the best. The extra time has given us the space to flourish.

What activities do you need to weed from your schedule so that your best activities flourish?